Our team of veterinary professionals is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and compassionate care to you and your pets.

vet tech amanda smith Amanda has been a smiling part of Rosedale since 2015. Doubling as a manager and a vet tech, Amanda tries to be there for everyone. Whether it is answering the phone or talking to a client about treatments for various conditions, Amanda is here for you.

Amanda went to school in California and quickly went into the field feet first! She is a Certified Vet Tech and has been in love with her career choice ever since starting school. When adventuring outside of work, Amanda loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, and spending time with her boys. Amanda’s family includes her Husband Josh, her boys Dylan and Vincent, and her 4 - legged kiddos, Odi, Yuffie, and Fiona.


vet tech brittany gain Brittany has been a part of the Rosedale family since August 2018. Brittany is your go-to for most all of your pet’s needs. Her compassion for animals is incomparable, so whether your pet needs a yearly check-up or some more extensive TLC, rest assured that they are being smothered with love from this one. She also has a wealth of information on how to keep your pet healthy should you need any insight on how to care for your fur babies.

Outside of work Brittany loves to dance, swim, hike, and enjoy all Austin has to offer. Her family includes a beautiful son Leyton, and two fur babies Benny and Roo.


vet tech jamie gowens Jamie is our “new kid on the block”, and she comes to us after a hiatus from the veterinary field.

Jamie has been a tech for many years, but she took a break to remodel homes for a bit. Now that she has gotten the sheetrock out of her system, she is back and ready to love your fur baby.

Outside of work, Jamie is an avid camper and loves to be in the great outdoors, and during this time in the outdoors, she unplugs from all conveniences of modern life. (Very rustic!)

vet tech molly christensenMeet Molly Christensen, a transfer from Indiana who has been living in Austin for the last 3 years. Molly has spent over six years as a vet tech, and for most of that time, she worked at a horse specialty clinic.

Outside of work, you can find Molly traveling, reading, horseback riding, watching scary movies, and admiring her favorite animal, the yak. Molly has a semi menagerie at home with her dog Axle, 2 cats - Ralph and Midge, 2 horses - Jackson and Gracie, and 2 fish – Jaws 1 and Jaws 2.

Fun fact about Molly: she used to have 13 black cats, and she is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady!